• Talat Yaqoob

    Director Equate Scotland

    Talat  Yaqoob

    Sessions with Talat Yaqoob :

    • Opening comments from the chair

    • Closing comments from the chair

  • Professor Heather McGregor

    Executive Dean Edinburgh Business School

    Professor Heather McGregor

    Sessions with Professor Heather McGregor :

    • Professor Heather McGregor, Executive Dean at the Edinburgh Business School

  • Professor Aileen Fyfe

    Reader in History University of St. Andrews

    Professor Aileen  Fyfe

    Sessions with Professor Aileen Fyfe:

    • Professor Aileen Fyfe, Unviersity of St. Andrews

  • Professor Andrea Nolan

    Principal & Vice Chancellor of Edinburgh Napier University and Convener, Universities Scotland

    Professor Andrea  Nolan

    Sessions with Professor Andrea Nolan:

    • Professor Andrea Nolan, Principal & Vice Chancellor, Edinburgh Napier University

  • Professor Zoe Shipton

    Head of Civil and Environmental Engineering University of Strathclyde

    Professor Zoe Shipton

    Sessions with Professor Zoe Shipton :

    • Professor Zoe Shipton, Head of Department, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Strathclyde

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