• Mindful Education

    Mindful Education specialise in creating bespoke media-rich further & higher education courses. In partnership with colleges, we design courses that are highly flexible, allowing learners to choose how, when and where they want to study, making learning as flexible and convenient as possible by allowing students to fit their studies alongside work and life commitments.

    Website » https://mindful-education.co.uk

  • Prowise

    Prowise is a leading UK-Dutch company that invests in innovative, high quality and reliable digital education solutions. Using our self-developed touchscreens, personal devices, lift systems and user-friendly Presenter and Central software allow us to make learning and collaboration more accessible, effective and enjoyable. More than 20,000 schools, 200,000 teachers in 16 countries; including most recently every Angus Council Primary School, make use of the Prowise Solutions.

    Website » https://www.prowise.com/en/

  • BKSB

    At bksb, we write, develop and supply interactive solutions to improve English, maths and ICT skills. Our products are designed to meet the GCSE and Functional Skills Criteria but are also suitable for any other skills improvement programme.

    We have been established for 20 years and our skills solutions are used by thousands of education providers and millions of learners around the world. 92% of colleges use bksb, along with hundreds of schools, training providers, councils prisons and employers. So, if you decide to become a bksb user, you will be in extremely good company.

    In 2017, bksb was named ‘ICT Company of the Year’’ for the second time at the Bett Awards. Our entry received full marks and feedback from the esteemed independent judging panel stated that our outstanding products meet the needs of organisations and our customer service and support is of the highest quality. Recent statistics also show that our clients typically experience success rates that are 17% above the national average for Functional Skills.

    Many people from all walks of life are held back because of a lack of the fundamental English, maths and ICT skills needed to function in the modern world. bksb supports organisations and individuals to improve their skills, increase their confidence and fulfil their potential.

    Website » https://www.bksb.co.uk/


    URKUND is an automatic text-matching system made for detecting and preventing plagiarism, independently of language. We are passionate about improving the quality of education by addressing the problems connected to plagiarism and have done so since 1999.

    URKUND works with an ever expanding number of documents and sources. Roughly they can be divided into sources found on the Internet, articles published in academic journals and previously submitted documents. We believe in covering the source areas that your students might use as research material.

    Website » https://www.urkund.com/

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