• College Development Network

    College Development Network (CDN) is a skills and sector development agency. Our mission is to maximise the impact of education for learners across the vocational and college system in Scotland. We have three aims, through which we deliver our mission:

    We work to improve the quality of teaching and support for learners by developing the skills and expertise of our vocational workforce.
    We invest in the strategic vision and performance of vocational education, by developing great emerging leaders and excellent governance structures in colleges and beyond.
    We are a catalyst for sector innovation, by networking colleges and showcasing their expertise, connecting industry and education to boost economic growth, and empowering partnerships that join up the learner journey.

    Contact » Gina Wilson

    Email address » gina.wilson@cdn.ac.uk

  • Colleges Scotland

    Colleges Scotland aims to be at the heart of a world class college sector that is recognised, valued and available to all.

    Colleges Scotland is the collective voice of the college sector in Scotland; striving to create cohesive and sustainable partnerships, demonstrate positive impact, acting as representatives, and campaigning for the sector.

    Contact » Joanne Buchan

    Email address » joanne.buchan@collegesscotland.ac.uk

    Website » https://collegesscotland.ac.uk/

  • Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA)

    The Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA) is a collaboration of 14 Scottish Universities. SICSA promotes international excellence in University-led research, education, and knowledge exchange for Scottish Informatics and Computer Science.

    Contact » Steven Kendrick

    Email address » Steven.Kendrick@glasgow.ac.uk

    Website » http://www.sicsa.ac.uk/

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