Welcome to EduTech Scotland - the latest in a series of Futurescot events aimed at exploring the impact of digital technologies on further and higher education in Scotland.

EduTech Scotland is a full-day, interactive conference which looks at the next steps in the progression of Scotland's national digital learning strategy.

It will examine how the sector is responding to huge digital disruption, and how it can best harness new technologies to enhance pedagogy, improve services and support the lifelong learning experience.

We are delighted to be welcoming some of the leading digital educators from across Scotland and the UK to share the latest knowledge and best practice on subjects as diverse as 'k-hubs', 'teaching the teachers', upskilling whole communities and digital strategising for the future.

Join us for fully-interactive plenary sessions, case studies and panel discussions, as EduTech Scotland considers how FE/HE can keep up with the rapid pace of change, remaining innovative and competitive - amidst the threats and opportunities of automation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Scotland's national Digital Learning and Teaching Strategy was a radical reimagining of an educational sector long seen as impervious to change.

At the heart of the document, launched in 2016, was a commitment to equip not only learners of the future with the tech skills they need to thrive, but also a workforce who have lacked the confidence to be 'digital first'.

Digital technologies are reshaping old industries, creating new ones and disrupting the way we go about our daily lives; Blockchain, as an emerging technology, is not yet fully understood but has the potential to create a lifelong learning relationship between instutions and their alumni.

Sensor-based technologies can integrate within campuses and 'k-hubs' to keep students engaged, and dramatically reduce drop-out rates, improving attainment and wellbeing, and even alleviating mental distress.

The economic advantage of aligning FE/HE with priority national industry sectors carries huge benefits for those learning institutions which are able to wrestle with the challenges of today and turn them into the successes of tomorrow. The ability to horizon-scan for local opportunities and turn them into cogent digital strategies will truly unleash the potential of nascent City-Region Deals.

We are on the cusp of a Fourth Industrial Revolution, an era of automation that many regard as an existential threat which may render many jobs of today obsolete. But by removing the notion of STEM subjects as being only for those with 'exceptional' mathematical brains, we can inspire and motivate learners of all ages and abilities to embrace digital technology as a means to innovate, explore and create new opportunities as we collectively strive to design new products and services that will remake Scotland as a leading digital nation.

Event themes and learning:

  • Innovating for the future: how our academic institutions are embracing technology to improve   teaching and learning, collaborating with industry, public sector and communities
  •  Supporting staff to build digital capability
  •  Implementing digital transformation institution-wide
  •  Cyber defences as the backbone of successful digital transformation
  •  Lifelong learning powered by the Blockchain
  • Industrial Strategy: FE / HE skills against backdrop of Brexit
  • The 'sticky campus' - how tech can reduce the student drop-out rate
  • Predictive analytics to enhance the student experience
  • Using technology to identify new markets and prospective students
  • Digital technology to enhance creative and flexible learning for all learners
  • The 21st century workplace: what will it look like and how can we support its human assets?

Who should attend:
Principals, Vice Principals and Chief Executives;
Directors/Heads of IT / ICT / Digital Transformation;
Directors of eLearning;
Directors of Estate;
Skills and Apprenticeships Management / Co-ordinators;
Finance and Business Managers / Directors;
Curriculum ManagersLecturers and Curriculum Managers;
Technology providers.

EduTech Scotland is a must-attend event for those looking to drive digital transformation across their organisation. Don't miss out on the FE/HE event of the year and register your interest now.

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Past attendees include:

Vice-Principal & Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Abertay University; Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching, University of Dundee; Faculty Officer, University of Strathclyde; Director of Information Services, Heriot-Watt University; Associate Professor, Heriot-Watt University; Executive Chair, SCHOLAR, Heriot-Watt University; Head of Education Futures, University of the West of Scotland; Assistant Principal, Glasgow Clyde College; Dean, Glasgow Caledonian University; Associate Dean, Glasgow Caledonian University; Chief Information Officer, University of the West of Scotland; Service Portfolio Group Manager, EDINA, University of Edinburgh; Interim Head of IS, SRUC; Assistant Project Officer, Robert Gordon University; Subject Leader Management, Perth College UHI; Academic Computing Manager, University of Reading; ICT Technical Manager, Glasgow Kelvin College; Director of Learning Enhancement, North East Scotland College; Chief Information Officer, Sheffield College; Learning Technologies Manager, City of Glasgow College; Learning Technologist, City of Glasgow College; Assistant Principal, West College Scotland; Assistant Principal, Learning and Teaching, New College Lanarkshire; Head of Marketing and Communications, New College Lanarkshire; Director of Business and Enterprise, West College Scotland; Head of Innovative Learning, West College Scotland; Subject Network Leader, University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI); Curriculum Leader for Community-Based ESOL, Edinburgh College; Learning Technologist, Inverness College UHI; Digital Skills Training Officer, Inverness College UHI; Senior Learning Technologist, Perth College UHI; Learning and Digital Resources Manager, Dundee & Angus College; Head of ICT Services, Dundee & Angus College; Director, Faculty of Creative Industries, Fife College; Curriculum Manager, Fife College; Library Manager, Heriot-Watt University; eLearning Developer, the University of the West of Scotland; Head of IT Service Management; Glasgow Caledonian University. Head of Corporate Applications and Infrastructure, Glasgow Caledonian University; IT Learning and Development Team Lead, Glasgow Caledonian University; eLearning Technology Manager, Borders College; Director of Business, Ayrshire College; Curriculum Manager Business, Ayrshire College; Technology Specialist, Borders College.

For more information on sponsorship opportunites please contact our Head of Business Development, Vincenzo Veglia on vincenzo@canongate.org / 0131 357 4475.

Join Us

14 November 2018 Technology and Innovation Centre, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, G1 1RD

EduTech Scotland

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