• Emsi

    The skills gap is first and foremost an information gap. Employers need people with certain skills, but education providers often lack the information they need to align their curriculum with these needs. Furthermore, because education providers lack this information, their students are often kept in the dark about the real career prospects that await them once they graduate. At Emsi, we are committed to solving this problem. Through our highly granular local Labour Market Insight, we are able to help education providers identify the skills needs of their area, so that they can better close the skills gap, and through our careers API, we are able to give providers the means to show both students and prospective students how the education they provide can lead them into a sustainable career.

  • Mindful Education

    Mindful Education specialise in creating bespoke media-rich further & higher education courses. In partnership with colleges, we design courses that are highly flexible, allowing learners to choose how, when and where they want to study, making learning as flexible and convenient as possible by allowing students to fit their studies alongside work and life commitments.

    Website » https://mindful-education.co.uk

  • UNIwise

    UNIwise is a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology company targeting higher education on a mission to free exam and assessment from paper, time and place constraints. The company’s cloud-based platform, WISEflow, is an end-to-end workflow supporting software service enabling institutions to streamline, deliver and manage their various exams and assessments. With WISEflow, the company help individuals and institutions re-imagine and maximize the potential of exams and assessments through technology and broaden the possibilities for requirements, exam types, monitoring and student experience. WISEflow is the most used platform in Scandinavia and now expands throughout Europe and especially UK. Learn more on https://europe.wiseflow.net/

    Website » https://europe.wiseflow.net

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30 November 2017 Technology and Innovation Centre, Strathclyde University

EduTech - FE & HE

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  1. EduTech (Primary & Secondary)

    23 November 2017
  2. Digital Prisons

    14 November 2017
  3. Education Leaders' Summit

    24 November 2017
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