24 November 2017

  • Registration and networking
  • Chair's Opening Remarks Welcome and introduction.
  • Opening Keynote: Leading Scotland's education in a digital world The Digital Strategy for Scotland puts digital at the heart of all that we do; in the way we deliver inclusive economic growth and prepare our children for the future. What is Scotland doing well and what can be improved?
  • Keynote: A new job description - the evolving role of the contemporary headteacher Along with policy-makers, effective education leaders must rethink the nature of primary and secondary schooling so that the education experience is more relevant for today's and tomorrow's pupils and better aligned to industry and community needs.
  • Questions and discussion
  • Effective school leadership in the digital age: Challenges and opportunities On top of challenges - policy, administrative and budgetary pressures - faced by headteachers, are the foundations in place to support school leaders further harness the range of technologies now available and use these to enhance the learning experience in our schools?
  • Are you Glow-ing or Glow-ering? With 150,000 active users, 38,000 learners and teachers Yammering every day and a Yammer group consisting of 1,000 head teachers to discuss increasing attainment ideas… Glow is absolutely glowing.
    Overview: This session will illustrate: • more »

    This session will illustrate:

    • How Glow is leading the world in on-line engagement
    • HOW Glow can support the Attainment Challenge
    • Appraisal of Glow – what does user data show; what do the stats show re. schools in areas of poorer attainment

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  • Break for refreshments and networking
  • Masterclass: Raising the bar - creating confident users of technology in the classroom How can headteachers create a vision that helps inspire and transform teacher confidence and in the process learning practice. Participants will be exposed to examples that articulate vision; lead to creation of a culture of learning that has benefited the whole school community.
  • Masterclass: Save your teachers’ time and improve pupil outcomes How can we best harness web-based tools to assess and monitor real-time pupil progress; enthuse learners and help overcome learning obstacles and create 21st century learners. This session will examine how we maximise teacher time to support learners - within and without the classroom.
  • Masterclass: Blended learning - the best of both How do you create a Blended Learning Environment in the classroom with minimal technology?
  • Masterclass: Supporting children and young people with additional support needs How is technology being used to support support those with physical disabilities or special needs? This practical interactive session provides information about the various resources and support available.
  • Masterclass: How can Minecraft and game-based learning raise pupil attainment? How Minecraft and game-based learning promotes creativity, collaboration and problem-solving. There's no limit to imagination or use in the classroom. This best-practice session covers primary, secondary and virtual learning settings.
  • Break for lunch and networking
  • Transitioning from 'old school' to contemporary digital environment Judy will talk about plans currently in development to give school learners in the Edinburgh city region an opportunity to learn the intellectual and technical skills to be part of the new data-driven economy.
  • Panel: Digitalisation, jobs and growth - the growing demand for digital skills Most professions will include a digital element and require the appropriate skills. Are we equipping pupils with the skills required for the future and making them aware of the opportunities beyond the school confines; engaging with industry to ensure our pupils are work ready?
  • Closing Keynote: Improving Schools in Scotland - An OECD Perspective Scotland has a historic high regard for education and teachers but, with recent PISA results in mind, what can be done - or needs to be done - for Scotland's education system to be world leading once again?
  • The Summit Review: Cross-Party Panel discussion Cross-party political panel acts as a summary of day's proceedings, current policy priorities; includes questions from delegates.
  • Closing comments and thanks

Education Leaders' Summit - Agenda

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24 November 2017 Edinburgh The Scottish Parliament - EH99 1SP United Kingdom

Education Leaders' Summit

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