Digital Society 2017: Digital solutions to reducing poverty and tackling inequality in Scotland

Digital Society 2017 is a half day event focusing on reducing poverty & inequality in Scotland through digital innovation.

The Scottish Government's digital strategy, Realising Scotland's full potential in a digital world: A Digital Strategy for Scotland has highlighted the importance of technology in improving our society as a whole. This conference will bring together tech gurus with social policy experts to share knowledge, ideas and resources to generate new innovative approaches towards realising this goal. 

Poverty remains Scotland's biggest social issue and digital technology is widening the inequality gap. Carnegie Trust UK reported that more than 1 million Scots have been left behind in the digital revolution. Digital exclusion can lead to social exclusion, poor educational attainment and lower levels of skills having a severe impact on our society and economy.

It is time to make a change. Advancement in digital technology is an opportunity to tackle poverty head on. Digital Society 2017 aims to facilitate this discussion and provide an opportunity for cross sector networking.  

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Digital Society 2017 will be a key networking opportunity for the public sector and charitable organisations to share ideas and learn how to get the most out of digital technology.


2017 Scottish Government statistics present that 1 in 4 children is living in poverty of which 70% have at least one parent in work and by 2030, 30% of jobs in Scotland will be automated. In order to tackle existing poverty and prevent future unemployment, Scotland is becoming a digital nation. The Scottish Government's digital strategy sets out to increase digital participation, digitalise public services, improve connectivity and strengthen the digital economy. 

Why attend: 

With the continued integration of technology into our everyday lives #DigitalSociety2017 will be a unique opportunity for the public, third and private sectors to come together to discuss how digital innovation can be used to create social change. 

Digital Society 2017 will discuss:

•   Reducing Scotland’s digital divide;
•   Creating social change through digital innovation;
•   Up - skilling the nation to create a strong digital economy; and
•   Using Big Data to tackle complex social issues. 

We want you to join in the conversation!

FutureScot has created a space on the website for speakers, delegates and interested parties to discuss how digital innovation can be used to create a fairer, more equal society. 

If you would like to make a contribution please get in contact with Aileen O'Hagan on 

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05 October 2017 The Lighthouse 11 Mitchell Lane Glasgow - G1 3NU

Digital Society 2017

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