14 November 2017

  • Registration, refreshments and networking
  • Chairs opening remarks
  • The revolving door of re - offending in Scotland: An overview This session will provide an overview of re-offending in Scotland and discuss how organisations and individuals in the sector can begin to utilise digital technology to further their objectives.
  • Adapting to a digitalised world: Transitioning into the community What are the everyday challenges facing individuals when they leave prison? How can we best equip people to transition into a completely digitalised world? This session will explore the realities of life after prison and what is means to live in a digital society.
  • Questions and comments from the floor
  • Prison Reform – how can technology help drive rehabilitation and empowerment? Using evidence presented by the University of York this session will look at how technology is empowering individuals in prison and driving forward rehabilitiation.
  • Questions and comments from the floor
  • Digital solutions helping to maintain strong family relationships This session will explore how digital technology can be used to maintain strong family relationships and the positive impact it has on individuals and families affected by imprisonment. .
  • Questions and comments from the floor
  • Refreshments and networking
  • Skills, employment and education: Equipping prisoners with essential digital skills Scotland's digital technology industry is the fastest growing sector of the economy and is estimated to grow twice as fast as the entire Scottish economy by 2024. This session will explore how we can use this opportunity to up-skill prisoners and help offenders find sustainable employment.
  • Big Data: Gathering information and insight into re-offending This session will analyse how data can be used to gather insight into offending/ re-offending and how it can be used to adopt evidence based policy.
  • Questions and comments from the floor
  • Using social media to influence public opinion Social media has become a powerful tool in influencing public opinion and can be used to promote good practice and bring attention to positive news stories. This session will explore how organisations can effectively use social media to promote the sectors successes and influence change.
  • Questions and comments from the floor
  • San Quentin to Silicon Valley In 1994, Kenyatta Leal was sentenced to life in prison and spent 19 years within the prison system. Kenyatta now works as the manager of Campus Services at Rocket Space, a technology campus in San Fransisco. In this session hear Kenyatta's journey from San Quentin to Silicon Valley.
  • Chairs closing remarks

Digital Prisons - Agenda

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14 November 2017 COSLA Verity House 19 Haymarket Yards Edinburgh - EH12 5BH

Digital Prisons

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