• Egress

    Egress helps enterprises protect unstructured data to meet compliance requirements and drive business productivity. The company’s AI-powered platform enables users to control and secure the data they share.

    The award-winning platform provides email and document classification, accidental send prevention, email and file protection, secure online collaboration and audit and compliance reporting.

    Trusted by enterprise organisations and governments around the globe, Egress offers a seamless user experience, powerful real-time auditing and patented information rights management, all accessible via a single global identity.
    Egress is headquartered in London, with other regional UK centres and North American offices in Boston and Toronto. 

    Website » https://www.egress.com/

  • Texthelp

    Within the prison population there are many hidden disabilities that often go undiagnosed and most often, unsupported. Estimates alone for dyslexia range between 43-57% of offenders. How can the criminal justice system in Scotland effectively overcome these barriers to learning and rehabilitation?

    Texthelp is a leading digital literacy software provider. We provide smart, easy-to-use support technologies that enable young people and adults with dyslexia and other literacy difficulties to read and write with confidence and independence.

    Texthelp works with leading technology companies including Google and Microsoft, and
    works closely with many government bodies in the UK and Ireland to provide unrivaled support to citizens and staff with low digital literacy skills through the use of digital inclusion and literacy support solutions.

    Website » https://www.texthelp.com/en-gb/

  • Hitachi Vantara

    Hitachi Vantara is a company that helps organisations to derive insight and decision support from their data. Our substantial expertise across all sectors, and a strong technology heritage means our reputation as a dependable solution provider is beyond reproach. We deliver applications that provide actionable outcomes.

    For Policing we apply our data management skills and experience to change the way digital evidence is collected, aggregated and managed by investigative teams, and then shared with other parties (Alleged Offenders, Victims, CPS etc). We do this for all types of digital assets and include functionality such as editing (including clipping & redaction) the content into the digital evidence submission required to support a successful prosecution. This includes the management of disclosure, sensitivity marking, MoPI as well as the ability to democratise key areas of functionality such as video clipping to individual officers who have the appropriate permissions. This is all underwritten by a proven method of ensuring continuity of evidence.

    Hitachi Digital Evidence Management (HDEM) delivers a rich set of capabilities, all designed to help police forces and officers operate effectively and efficiently in a secure manner with the appropriate checks and balances in place.

    Website » https://www.hitachivantara.com/en-us/home.html

  • CivTech

    CivTech Is the Scottish Government’s Award Winning Innovation Programme which support public sector organisations to improve public services by collaboratively solving challenges

    Website » https://civtech.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CIV/overview?mode=global

  • Spheron VR

    Spherons Scene Forensic Visual Crime Scene documentation system provides for collaboration fast document evidence management and collaboration. Deployed by Police forces and Investigation across the world its uses Spheron’s unique HDR 360 degree camera to capture crime scenes both in night and day in full colour.  Simple drag and drop allows evidence, forensic statements, video and audio to be viewed in  context making it simpler for all levels to manage the work flow, check and view complex data and manage the document trail visually at very stage through the criminal justice system, from on-site investigation through to the courtroom.

    Website » https://spheron.com/home.html

  • BKSB

    At bksb, we write, develop and supply interactive solutions to improve English, maths and ICT skills. Our products are designed to meet the GCSE and Functional Skills Criteria but are also suitable for any other skills improvement programme.

    We have been established for 20 years and our skills solutions are used by thousands of education providers and millions of learners around the world. 92% of colleges use bksb, along with hundreds of schools, training providers, councils prisons and employers. So, if you decide to become a bksb user, you will be in extremely good company.

    In 2017, bksb was named ‘ICT Company of the Year’’ for the second time at the Bett Awards. Our entry received full marks and feedback from the esteemed independent judging panel stated that our outstanding products meet the needs of organisations and our customer service and support is of the highest quality. Recent statistics also show that our clients typically experience success rates that are 17% above the national average for Functional Skills.

    Many people from all walks of life are held back because of a lack of the fundamental English, maths and ICT skills needed to function in the modern world. bksb supports organisations and individuals to improve their skills, increase their confidence and fulfil their potential.

    Website » https://www.bksb.co.uk/

  • The Scottish Anti-Illicit Trade Group

    The Scottish Anti-Illicit Trade Group, (SAITG) is a Multi-Agency Partnership which brings together public and private sectors with the aim of reducing illicit trade throughout Scotland

    Website » https://www.saitg.scot

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