• everyLIFE Technologies

    everyLIFE Technologies is rapidly transforming social care through its intelligent care management platform, The PASSsystem.

    Eliminating tiresome paperwork, and dramatically reducing the risk of medicines mismanagement through real time delivery and analysis of digital care notes, everyLIFE is driving up quality of care, while also delivering innovative efficiencies and service compliance.

    Real time care record data is helping care providers meet NICE guidance, CQC, CSSIW and Care Inspectorate standards. Working in close collaboration with social care providers and the NHS, everyLIFE is seeking to understand, shape and address tomorrow’s challenges, while also meeting today’s. The PASSsystem is unique and is the only digital care management system that is NICE compliant, referenced in CQC and Care Inspectorate reports, and recommended by NHS England.


  • Texthelp

    Hello, we’re Texthelp, a leading digital literacy software provider. We believe that everyone should be able to access an increasingly digital NHS, including patients, families and NHS staff. That’s why we’ve created smart, friendly literacy support technologies to help everybody access online services and communicate with confidence.

    Our world-famous Read&Write software provides a big productivity boost, especially for neurodiverse staff (for example those with dyslexia) and employees who aren’t native English speakers.

    Read&Write is a discreet toolbar that gives instant access to loads of useful functions, including text-to-speech, on-screen highlighters and audio report creation. It helps employees to overcome digital literacy challenges, so they can communicate with greater confidence and be more efficient and engaged in their work.

    Our Browsealoud tool makes websites easier to access for patients, families and carers who needs extra help accessing digital health information and services.

    Website » https://www.texthelp.com/en-gb/

  • CivTech

    CivTech Is the Scottish Government’s Award Winning Innovation Programme which support public sector organisations to improve public services by collaboratively solving challenges

    Website » https://civtech.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CIV/overview?mode=global

  • Capgemini

    Website » https://www.capgemini.com/gb-en/

  • Patientrack

    Patientrack is a multi-award-winning system improving patient safety, supporting clinicians with innovative technology.

    Benefits include measurable sustainable benefits including reduced mortality, cardiac arrests, length of stay and use of ICU.  Patientrack improves clinical processes and patient outcomes, and reduces costs.

    • Vital signs
    • Electronic charts
    • Early warning scores
    • Automated alerting & escalation
    • Assessments including Sepsis, VTE, Fluid Balance, Dementia, Diabetes, Nutrition, AKI (including predictive analytics) and many more…
    • Handover
    • Task management and team communication (including Hospital@Night)

    Available “anywhere anytime” on mobile and fixed devices, interoperating easily with other information systems.

    “Patientrack has helped us introduce some of the biggest and most immediate changes in clinical practice I have ever seen” Dr Gavin Simpson NHS Fife

    Website » http://www.patientrack.com/

  • InterSystems

    InterSystems is supporting healthcare transformation around the world making the vision of connected health and care a reality.
    We enable every care provider in every care setting secure access to a shared electronic health and care record for each patient, giving them all available information to help them make quicker and safer decisions.

    Our products combine complete information, intuitive workflow and embedded analytics to:
    • Reduce unwarranted variation in care
    • Promote adherence to consistent standards
    • Provide evidence based clinical decision support
    • Minimise reliance on remembering
    • Improve patient outcomes
    • Advance population health understanding and management

    Creating an environment that enables informed patient engagement and facilitates easier access to services.  Where you’re not only capturing and sharing information, but you’re able to immediately understand and act on that information through embedded analytics and decision support.

    Over 85 NHS Trusts and Boards are using InterSystems Technology to connect and share information between disparate clinical systems, we know connected care is improved care.

    Website » https://www.intersystems.com/uk/

  • CFH Docmail Ltd

    If you’re looking to save money on print and post or to outsource your entire post room, CFH Docmail offer bespoke services which will provide increased time efficiencies and directly benefit the bottom line. 

    We’re a Royal Mail partner within the Scottish Government Planned Mail Framework and more highly accredited for our security and quality of service than any other provider in the UK. 

    We work with over 70 councils, 4,000 GPs and some of the largest NHS Boards and Trusts handling their annual billing, elections, patient appointment and results letters and medical research. 

    Whether you want to send a few individual letters every day, bulk mailing or encrypted digital documents, our no minimum, no contract solutions including Docmail, Dotpost and a fully managed service are designed to provide ‘best in class’ for every requirement. 

    For more information contact Brian Graham on 07808 613537.

    Website » http://www.docmail.co.uk

  • Bond Digital Health Solutions

    Bond Digital Health solutions bridges the gap between big data and life sciences. Building custom smartphone Apps and Cloud-based data management systems for rapid diagnostics at the point-of-care.

    Working across several industries including chronic human health and agri-food.

    Website » https://bondhealth.co.uk

  • Scottish Health Innovations Ltd

    Scottish Health Innovations Ltd (SHIL) work in partnership with NHS Scotland to identify, protect, develop and commercialise healthcare innovations to improve patient care. Expert services include intellectual property advice and protection, project management, idea incubation, funding advice, development, commercialisation, and post-commercialisation monitoring.

    Website » https://www.shil.co.uk

  • Fastroi

    Fastroi is a 15-year old Care Management System provider, originally from Finland and with over 2/3rds of the Finnish market in Health & Social Care.

    We have systems incorporating Rotas, Care Plans, Outcome Management, Finance, Reporting, Regulatory Compliance, eMAR, eLearning, Digital Technologies and Mobile delivery and Communications.
    Our considerable experience includes Integrating with systems of all kinds, from Pharmacy, through Health, to Finance, HR and much more.

    Finland has much to show the UK, in Digital Transformation of Care and we will talk about advances that will bring end-to-end solutions to the UK Heath & Social Care marketplace.

  • NHS Research Scotland

    NHS Research Scotland (NRS) is a partnership of Scottish NHS Boards and the Chief Scientist Office (CSO) of Scottish Government. We simplify access to Scotland’s world-class research infrastructure and support the placement, setup and delivery of clinical research studies and innovative research collaborations from all sectors and therapy areas.

    Website » http://www.nhsresearchscotland.org.uk

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