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  • NHS Education for Scotland

    NHS Education for Scotland

    We are a national special health board working in partnership with our stakeholders to provide education, training and workforce development for those who work in and with NHSScotland.

    We have a pan-Scotland role in undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional development and we maintain a local perspective through centres in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen and Inverness with over 1,000 staff who work closely with our frontline educational support roles and networks.

    Our aim is to improve health and care through education and a significant proportion of our work focuses on the clinical workforce, with a large part of our funding used to pay for doctors and dentists in training and the training of those who train them.

    In addition we prepare professionals for practice in clinical psychology, pharmacy, optometry and healthcare science and we provide access to education for the nursing, midwifery and allied health professions and for healthcare support workers and administrative, clerical and support staff. We deliver CPD for each of the four primary care professional contractor groups; GP, dentistry, pharmacy and optometry.

    We also support public service reform and current policy priorities through education for improving quality, service re-design, leadership and management, mental health, dementia, older people and children and young people with a particular emphasis on enabling sustainable quality through the 2020 Vision.

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    Website » http://www.nes.scot.nhs.uk/

  • Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC)

    The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) is the regulator for the social service workforce in Scotland.  Our work means the people of Scotland can count on social services being provided by a trusted, skilled and confident workforce.

    We protect the public by registering social service workers, setting standards for their practice, conduct, training and education and by supporting their professional development. Where people fall below the standards of practice and conduct we can investigate and take action.

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    Email address » lorraine.wakefield@sssc.uk.com

    Website » http://www.sssc.uk.com/

  • Care Inspectorate

    The Care Inspectorate regulates and inspects care services in Scotland to make sure that they meet the right standards. We also jointly inspect with other regulators to check how well different organisations in local areas work to support adults and children.

    Set up by Scottish Government, and accountable to ministers, it’s our job to assure and protect everyone that uses these services.  We work to make sure that everyone gets safe, high quality care that meets their needs.

    Our 600 staff work across Scotland, inspecting thousands of services each year.

    Contact » Chelsea Bell

    Email address » communicationsteam@careinspectorate.com

    Website » http://www.careinspectorate.com/

  • Scottish Federation of Housing Associations

    SFHA is the voice and membership body for housing associations and co-operatives in Scotland.

    We work with government and others to achieve the legislation, regulation and funding necessary for their members to be strong, resilient and independent social businesses housing Scotland.

    We develop and deliver modern and innovative services to members so that they can achieve their ambitions.

    We represent housing associations and co-operatives across Scotland to broaden and strengthen the sector’s contribution to social justice and inclusive growth.

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    Website » https://www.sfha.co.uk

  • The Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE)

    The Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE) is the national third sector intermediary for a range of health and social care organisations.

    The ALLIANCE has over 2,500 members including large, national support providers as well as small, local volunteer-led groups and people who are disabled, living with long term conditions or providing unpaid care.

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    Website » https://www.alliance-scotland.org.uk

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