Welcome to the latest in a series of Futurescot conferences exploring the developments within Digital Health & Care in Scotland.

This one-day conference focuses on the next steps to be taken by health and care organisations nationwide to deliver on the Scottish Government's bold new Digital Health & Care Strategy, launched by the Cabinet Secretary for Health & Sport in April at our event.

With the pathway to national integration of health and care services underway, and a new national digital platform in the offing, this event will focus on the key leadership and skills challenges that lay ahead.

Featuring experts from world-leading academic institutions, the event will examine how our lead institutions can put the right people in place, with the attributes required, to realise truly ambitious plans to digitalise health and care services in Scotland, driving performance improvement and enhanced patient care along the way.

Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery and enlightenment, with an opportunity to learn how to:

  • Embed 'digital first' practice within your senior leadership teams
  • Inculcate a desire for change in your work culture/environment
  • Support the development of digital champions within your service
  • Effect seamless digital change within your organisation
  • Lead process change within a multi-stakeholder environment


In April this year, the Scottish Government launched its Digital Health Care Strategy, which lays out the roadmap to creating a new National Digital Platform for Scotland, through which:

'Relevant real-time data and information from health and care records, and the tools and services they use, is available to those who need it, when they need, wherever they are, in a secure and safe way.'

With a project now underway to do just that, Digital Health & Care 2018 comes at a crucial juncture as senior policy-makers and decision-makers draw down the list of requirements that will underpin the success of digitising health and care in Scotland.

Before the national strategy was agreed, the Scottish Government appointed a consultative Expert Panel which helped shape the seven 'domains' contained within the visionary new document.

We are excited to be joined at the event by the Chair of that Panel, Prof. David W Bates, Professor of Medicine at Harvard University and one of the world-leading proponents of digital health records adoption.

The Chief Executive of the NHS's Leadership Academy will join us to discuss how to create 'better leaders' who will ultimately deliver improved outcomes for patients and users of care services across the country.

Digital Health & Care will feature expert panels which will discuss what problem-solving and project management skills are required to deliver resilient, scalable and ultimately easy-to-use digital tools and products to deliver a successful 'digital transformation' within health and care in Scotland.

The conference will utilise workshops to explore developments around emerging technologies - and the skillsets needed - to fully realise the scope and potential of the likes of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

We are proud to be a partner organisation of the national Scottish Digital Health & Care Week, curated by the Scottish Government's Technology-Enabled Care Division, NHS 24 and the Digital Health & Care Institute.

If you are a senior leader working in the health and care sector in Scotland and want to discover how digital transformation can positively effect change in your organisation, register your interest now.

Join the conversation online: #HSCSCOT 

Past attendees include:
ALLIANCE, Alzheimer Scotland, ARKHA, Birchwood Highland, Bon Accord Care, British Lung Foundation, Carr Gomm, Compass Brain Injury Specialists, DHI, Digital Health & Care Institute, EDINA, University of Edinburgh, Falkirk Council, Fife College, Fife's Health & Social Care Partnership, Glasgow City Health & Social Care Partnership, Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland, Healthcare Improvement Scotland, KPMG, MainStreet Consulting, McSence Communications Ltd, MediSapiens Ltd, Meditexts, NHS 24, NHS Dumfries & Galloway, NHS GGC, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, NHS Health Scotland, NHS National Services Scotland, Orion Health, PAMIS, Penumbra, Perth & Kinross Health & Social Care Partnership, Public Health Intelligence, RAMH, Robert Gordon University, Royal College of Nursing Scotland, Scottish Government, South Ayrshire Health & Social Care Partnership, Storm, The City of Edinburgh Council, The Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE), Tunstall Healthcare (UK) Ltd, University of Dundee, University of the Highlands and Islands, Viewpoint, Vision INPS, West College Scotland, West College Scotland, West Dunbartonshire HSCP, West Lothian College

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27 November 2018 University of Strathclyde Technology and Innovation Centre 99 George Street Glasgow - G1 1RD United Kingdom

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