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  • Socitm

    We are a society for IT practitioners in the public sector. We help them network, provide consultancy, and produce research into how they can save money and innovate despite budget cuts and ultimately deliver effective digital technology and service. We also advocate to the government in the interests of public sector IT.

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    Website » https://www.socitm.net/regions/scotland

  • Scottish Cities Alliance


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    Website » https://www.scottishcities.org.uk

  • BIMA

    BIMA is Britain’s digital community. 

    Our mission is to drive innovation and excellence across the digital industry. We are the connectors, thought leaders, champions and change-makers determining the shape of Britain’s digital economy.

    We are powerful because our members make us so. BIMA councils set the agenda in digital hubs around the country. Our Think Tanks help industry leaders and practitioners fuel the future. And our communities underpin everything we do.

    Our independence and not-for-profit status gives government and the media confidence in our integrity.

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    Website » https://www.bima.co.uk

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30 May 2018 The Kingsmills Hotel, Inverness

Digital Cities 2018 - Inverness and Highlands

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