Following the success of 2017's Digital Cities Regional Roadshow, FutureScot is delighted to announce Digital Cities 2018 - a series of policy conferences taking place across Scotland this spring.

Aimed at policy, academic, technology and business leaders the six half-day events will take place in Aberdeen, Dundee & Perth, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling and Inverness in May 2018.

Featuring top keynote speakers from the UK and internationally, our expert-led, panel sessions, will be heavily focused on the proposed outcomes of Scotland's City Region Deals, with a full and frank discussion about the strengths of Scotland's principal cities, but also where added focus is needed on the path to digitalisation.

These events will be an opportunity for policy leaders from local and national government and its agencies, to gather with industry leaders to forge new relationships, overcome existing challenges and refresh their digital thinking.

The outcomes of each event will be featured in a full report, both in a Special Edition FutureScot Magazine, and distributed with The Sunday Times. 

Book your place now to take part in FutureScot's Digital Cities 2018 series.

Stirling: 1st May // Aberdeen:  3rd May // Dundee & Perth: 8th May  // Glasgow: 9th May // Edinburgh: 16th May // Inverness: May 30th

Download the full Digital Cities 2017 Report here

Edinburgh & South East Scotland

The Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region comprimises six local authorities and 24% of the Scottish population. This year the region secured a significant £1.1bn deal from the UK and Scottish Governments, due to be invested over the next 15 years. 

The deal includes: 

  • Investing in R&D with up to £350m set aside for a Research, Development & Innovation Programme.
  • Improving skills and creating future job opportunites with a £25m investment in a regional skills programme.
  • Addressing the housing shortage with a £65m housing fund to unlock strategic development sites.
  • Improving infrastructure and connectvity in the region. 

Not only does Edinburgh rank as one of the best places to live and do business in the UK it is also home to one of the best computer science faculties in the world at the University of Edinburgh's renowned School of Informatics. 

It is estimated that over the next 20 years Edinburgh & South East Scotland will become the most connected, creative, inclusive and entrepreneurial place in Europe.

With a well - established network of tech incubator facilities and regular 'meet - up' groups, Edinburgh City and the surrounding regions posess a dynamism that makes for the ready exchange of ideas and deals between business, academics and entrepreneurs. 

Join us to discuss the Edinburgh & South East Scotland City Region Deal and its role in creating a smarter, digitalised Scotland.

For further information about the conference and sponsorship opportunities please contact Vincenzo Veglia at vincenzo@canongate.org or 0131 561 7305. 

Keynote Speakers

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16 May 2018 Edinburgh

Digital Cities 2018 - Edinburgh & South East Scotland

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