• BSI Group

    BSI is the business standards company that helps organizations make excellence a habit – all over the world. Our business is enabling others to perform better.

    Achieving the BSI Kitemark for BIM will help organizations in the facilities management industry demonstrate they are able to manage BIM enabled structures in accordance to PAS 1192-3.

    The BSI Kitemark gives organizations operating BIM assets the opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors and prove their credentials. Developed with industry in mind, the BSI Kitemark will provide the most robust measurement of a company’s operation of BIM projects and delivery of customer service excellence.

    Website » https://www.bsigroup.com

  • Faro

    FARO is the world’s most trusted source for 3D measurement and imaging solutions for factory metrology, product design, construction BIM/CIM, public safety forensics and 3D solutions and services applications and provides the compact and light FARO® Focus Laser Scanner Series, offering the most efficient method for 3D image documentation and 3D modelling.

    The 3D laser scanner produces fast dense point clouds containing millions of points that provide incredibly detailed 3D colour images of large scale geometries. FARO also offers the FARO® Scanner Freestyle3D which is the only industrial-grade handheld device allowing scans of almost any types of surfaces and environments. It provides a fast and easy to use scanning solution with verifiable accuracy of the 3D colour scan data.

    Website » http://www.faro.com/home

  • Solibri

    Solibri develops and markets software solutions that improve the quality of building information models (BIM) and included datasets for building owners, designers and constructors. Solibri Model Checker is a tool that analyses and validates the integrity and quality of the design, constructability and handover information using logical rulesets to check against building codes, industry, company or project specific standards.

    Spatial awareness algorithms and user defined rules allow the software to perform advanced checks based on the space utilization revealing potential flaws and weaknesses before a brick is laid

    Any potential issues are highlighted and prioritized for communicating back to the author for remediation utilizing Excel, pdf or BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) files for advanced BIM workflows.

    After the Quality Control process is completed the model can be used for accurate data mining and reporting on quantities or other reports such as COBie with a visual bi-directional link to the graphical model.

    Website » https://www.solibri.com

  • Construction Scotland Innovation Centre

    Website » http://www.cs-ic.org

  • L&M Survey Services

    L&M are a Scotland based survey services company providing conventional land survey, topographic and measured building surveys. Specialists in brownfield survey data collection, conversion into BIM and HBIM compatible 3D models,  3D services and utilities surveys for BIM, Visual Asset Mapping, documentation for condition and dilapidation surveys and specialist photogrammetry services.

    Website » http://www.lmsurveyservices.com/

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